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Microbiology at Sea: A tale of ballast, vomit, and cockroaches

NOTE: This is a cross-post that I had originally published at Deep-sea News

California has been a big transition for me. I mean big. Not only am I now living in the sun-drenched utopia I have long pined for (a climate which finally meets my minimum temperature preference of 90F), but I also have leaped into to an entirely new scientific world.

I think I’m becoming a microbiologist.

I say this with a combination of excitement and disdain. On the one hand, I’m frantically clinging to my eukaryotic background and firmly proclaiming myself as, first and foremost, a deep-sea nematode biologist.¬†On the other hand, microbes are just so damn interesting. I’m captivated by their genomic plasticity and capacity for extreme ecology.