Microbiome of the Built Environment Data Analysis Core (MoBeDAC)

The data analysis core is a consortium among four different institutions to provide tools and a data archive for analyzing molecular sequence data and for visualizing ecological and functional similarities between microbial communities in the indoor environment and other field sites.  This group will integrate the functional capabilities of several different toolsets and databases.  These include MG-RAST, VAMPS, QIIME, and FungiDB.

The goals of this consortium are to:

1)  Develop a data archive
2)  Establish an interoperative environment for disparate websites and analysis tools
3)  Establish appropriate metadata standards
4)  Develop visualization and new analytical techniques for comparing microbial communities, especially those from indoor environments

Principle Investigators:

Folker Meyer, University of Chicago
Mitch Sogin, Marine Biological Laboratory
Rob Knight, University of Colorado Boulder
Jason Stajich, University of California, Riverside

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