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Building a Building Science Social Media Collection

For the last few months I have been working on building up on microBEnet social media resources relating to “Building Sciences” and the “Built Environment.”  One aspect of this search has been to look for blogs that focus at least in part on “Building Sciences” or the “Built Environment.” This has been much more difficult than collecting microbiology blogs (where we have found more than 100 active and interesting blogs).  Below is a list of the main blogs I have found that cover “Building Sciences” or the “Built Environment.” in some way and are at least somewhat actice.

  1. Apprentice-Ship
    Latest post: Apprentice-Ship Hub
  2. Arup Thoughts
  3. Latest post: Cities / Could you imagine living next to an airport
  4. Balfour Beaty
    Latest post: Implementing a global safety initiative is a lot like eating an elephant…
  5. BIM, the Built Environment and Stuff
    Latest post: Handheld Scanning for Architecture Gets Real….Google Enters The Picture
  6. Building Performance Innovation
    Latest post: UN EcoBuilding
  7. Building Science
    Latest post: This Heat Pump Problem Is a Surprisingly Common Cause for High Electricity Bills
  8. Construction Code
    Latest post: Another Fantasty Football season over
  9. DIT Library Bolton Street – Built Environment Blog
    Latest post: DIT, Dublin School of Architecture – End of Year Exhibition
  10. Energy Vanguard Blog
    Latest post: The #1 Reason Power Attic Ventilators Don’t Help
  11. fairsnape isite
    Latest post: Embedding BIM into the fabric of sustainability.
  12. Green Building Advisor Guest Blogs
    Latest post: German Building Codes Keep Ratcheting Up
  13. Healthy Building Blog
    Latest post: LEED Midrise Certification
  14. Indoor Air Pollution Updates
    Latest post: Tanzania — Cost saving and reducing deforestation through energy saving stoves, Kiroka village, Morogoro,
  15. Insight Blog
    Latest post: Standardization and Classification: Two Pieces of the Safer Materials Puzzle
  16. Institute for the Built Environment Pressroom
    Latest post: STARS: CSU Tops National Sustainability Rating System
  17. Matt R Singer and the Green Building Blog
  18. Planning Matters
    Latest post: Renewable Obligations and large-scale solar PV
  19. The AMEE Blog
    Latest post: Sustainable Innovations Weekly — May 30
  20. The Built Environment Research Group
    Latest post: By: google
  21. The Seed Collaborative
    Latest post: Our Executive Director, On Maya Angelou’s Passing
  22. Whole Building Design Guide
    Latest post: FEMP19 Fundamentals of Life Cycle Costing for Energy Conservation

If people could suggest any other blogs that cover topics connected to building science or the built environment. Then we could add them to our list.  One thing about finally having a list is that I added a widget to the blog pages and main pages on the right hand side of the screen that shows the latest posts from a random sample of our collection of blogs.

Next up – collect Twitter IDs, Tumbl blogs, Pinterest Pages and more on Building Science and the Built Environment.

Here is a feed from the list I have created of people who Tweet about the Built Environment.





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