Institutions and Individuals Working on Topics Relating to Microbiology of the Built Environment

We are compiling a list of groups and individuals (in addition to those funded by the Sloan Foundation’s Indoor Environment program) from around the world working on topics related to studies of microbiology of the built environment.  Additional suggestions are welcome.

Institutions and Groups

Projects of relevance


Individual Researchers part 1 = Google Scholar Pages. Google Scholar Pages, Twitter IDs, websites

I have been collating together Google Scholar pages for researchers working on related topics.  See here for that Google Scholar list.   I have copied the list as of November 4, 2014 September 13, 2016 below. From now on we will maintain the list here rather than at the other page.

  1. Rachel I Adams
  2. Steven Ahrendt
  3. Jonathan E. Allen
  4. Adam Edward Altrichter
  5. John Alverdy
  6. Anthony S Amend
  7. Ahmet Asan
  8. Scott T. Bates
  9. Clive Beggs
  10. Kyle Bibby 
  11. Holly Bik
  12. Brendan Bohannan
  13. NA Bokulich
  14. GZ Brown
  15. Thomas D. Bruns, website
  16. J Gregory Caporaso
  17. David Coil 
  18. Maureen Coleman
  19. Karen Dannemiller
  20. Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello
  21. Samuel Dorevitch
  22. Rob Dunn
  23. Jonathan Eisen
  24. Noah Fierer
  25. Gilberto Flores
  26. RJ Forster
  27. Sylvia Garcia-Houchins
  28. Carole Gaüzère
  29. Jack A Gilbert 
  30. Manual J. Gómez
  31. Antonio González
  32. Barry Goodell
  33. Jessica Green
  34. Charles Haas; Website
  35. J. Kirk Harris
  36. Erica Hartmann,
  37. Zalina Hashim
  38. Mark Hernandez
  39. Roxana Hickey, Website
  40. PeiYing Hong
  41. Andrew Hosington
  42. Denina Hospodsky
  43. Curtis Huttenhower 
  44. Embryette Hyde
  45. CC Johnson
  46. Rachael M. Jones
  47. Kevin P. Keegan 
  48. Steven W. Kembel
  49. Scott Kelley
  50. Benjamin C. Kirkup, Jr.
  51. Rob Knight
  52. D Knights
  53. Larry Kociolek
  54. John Klironomos
  55. Emily Landon
  56. Jenna Morgan Lang
  57. Patrick K. H. Lee
  58. Jonathan W. Leff
  59. Hal Levin
  60. Nicholas J. Loman
  61. Janet Macher
  62. JP Maestre
  63. Gedi Mainelis
  64. Linsey Marr
  65. Mark O. Martin 
  66. David R. McMullen; ResearchGate
  67. James F. Meadow
  68. Mark Mendell
  69. Holly Menninger
  70. Christopher S. Miller
  71. Shelly L. Miller
  72. David Mills
  73. Donald Milton
  74. Maxwell Moriyama
  75. Jayne Morrow
  76. Gwynne Mhuireach
  77. Cathryn Nagler
  78. William W Nazaroff
  79. Russell Neches
  80. Matthew W. Nonnenmann
  81. Dale Northcutt
  82. Anders Nygaard, @andersinthis
  83. Timothy K. O’Connor
  84. Benjamin Otto Ortega,  
  85. Norman R. Pace
  86. Jordan Peccia
  87. Ameet Pinto; website
  88. Miia Pitkaranta
  89. Lance B. Price
  90. Alexander Josef Probst
  91. Karin Pritsch
  92. Amy Pruden
  93. Lutgarde Raskin
  94. Susannah Remold
  95. Tiina Reponen, U. Cincinatti
  96. Jing Qian
  97. Robert A. Samson
  98. Lynn Schriml
  99. James A. Scott 
  100. Malcolm R. Sears
  101. David Sela
  102. Tai Sharon
  103. Benjamin Shogan
  104. Jeffrey SiegelWebsite
  105. Ryan G. Sinclair
  106. Jason E Stajich 
  107. Daniel Smith
  108. Brent Stephens
  109. John W. Taylor
  110. Christina Tischer
  111. Tiffany Tsu
  112. Bill van Bonn
  113. Jimmy Walker, LinkedIn
  114. Stephen Weber
  115. Thomas Weinmaier
  116. Charles J. Weschler
  117. Ann M. Womack
  118. Naomichi Yamamoto 

To add To List

  • Martin Täubel
  • Anne Hyvärinen
  • Aino Nevalainen
  • Juha Pekkann
  • Hanna Leppänen
  • Maria Valkonen
  • Pirkka Kirjavainen

Google Scholar Pages to Consider:

Google Scholar Pages for people who work on related topics

Google Scholar Tags of relevance

Web pages for researchers:

Things we should add?  Leave a comment below…

5 thoughts on “Institutions and Individuals Working on Topics Relating to Microbiology of the Built Environment

  1. This would be a very ambitious list of people doing research in indoor microbiology. Additional researchers include Marsha Ward, Steve Vesper Timothy Dean, Doris Betancourt (all from EPA), Karin Foarde, Grace Byfield, and Jean Kim (all from Research Triangle Institute). There are many others that could be named.

  2. Sure – it is ambitious – and I am sure we will not make a complete list – but in part we want to get people out there thinking about the other people in the field and sharing that information. So please, keep sending names and any info you have on institutions.



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