Some disclosures about the funding for this project and people involved


Personal disclosures

Jonathan Eisen, the PI on the grant from the Sloan Foundation, reports:

  • I am a Professor at the University of California, Davis and hold an Adjunct Appointment at the DOE Joint Genome Institute.
  • Previously I worked at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) and had an Adjunct Faculty appointment at Johns Hopkins University
  • I am involved with the Public Library of Science in multiple ways, and my brother was a co-founder. I receive no money from them (although in theory I can get compensated for expenses). I was the Academic Editor in Chief of PLOS Biology and then the Chair of the Advisory Board of PLOS Biology and now am just a regular Academic Editor.
  • My wife worked for Mendel Biotechnology many years ago and we still own a small amount of their stock.
  • I make some money from sales of my Evolution textbook.
  • I am on the Scientific Advisory Board of two microbiome companies – uBiome and Symbiota.  I get some stock options for this.
  • I am a scientific advisor to Phylagen – a built environment microbiome company.  I get some stock options for this.
  • I have received money for research from the MARS Corporation (they funded two projects in the lab) and they have filed patents related to one of the projects.
  • I have received grants for my research from DOE, NIH, NSF, USDA, the Sloan Foundtion, The Moore Foundation, DARPA, and ONR.

David Coil is a project scientist working on the microBEnet project and reports:

  • I am a Project Scientist working in the lab of Jonathan Eisen at the University of California, Davis
  • I am a director of and contractor for a non-profit organization called Ground Truth Trekking.


Disclosures of Past Key Personnel:

Hal Levin, co-PI on the grant from Sloan Foundation, reports that:

  • I am the principal of Building Ecology Research Group, Santa Cruz, California
  • I am Administrator and manage the Secretariat for the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate, a non-profit, international scientific and professional society, incorporated in California.
  • I am President of the Indoor Air Institute, a non-profit California corporation
  • I receive retirement income from the University of California from former appointments at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • I was recently a part-time employee at UC Riverside, developing an update to the Indoor Environmental Quality Research Roadmap for the California Energy Commission
  • My wife is Professor of philosophy of law at the Catholic University in Piacenza, Italy, and also teaches in the Biotechnology Program at the University of Milan. She is currently working under a 2-year contract appointment at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra, Italy, where she is advising the Commission on ethics in Internet security and privacy issues.