EVE 161 Winter 2018 Syllabus


Microbial Phylogenomics: Sequencing Based Studies on the Diversity and Diversification of Microbes

Winter 2018

3 Units

Tu / Th 9-10:30


Course Description

The course focuses on the use of DNA sequencing in studies of the diversity and the diversification of microorganisms.  Topics covered include both methods (e.g., DNA sequencing, PCR, phylogenetics, genome sequencing, phylogenomics, metagenomics), the diversity of microbes (e.g., the tree of life, microbial communities and microbiomes, mechanisms of diversification such as lateral gene transfer). The course also has a major emphasis on how to read the primary scientific literature.



Course Objectives

After taking this course students should have:

  • a better understanding of the history of sequence based studies of microbial diversity and current practice in sequence based studies of microbial diversity,
  • a broad view of what we know about microbial diversity and
  • improved ability to read and analyze a research paper.


Grades will be determined by the following components:

  • Attendance and class participation 10 %
  • Daily assignments 30 %
  • Midterm 20 %
  • Research project (class presentation and write up) 20%
  • Final exam 20%