IPython notebook for basic microbial ecology analysis using QIIME

I’ve gone public with my default QIIME workflow. I hope this will be helpful to some, and I encourage anyone with QIIME skills to read through it to see if I’m missing anything. Brief blog post about it is here: http://jennomics.com/2015/02/20/ipython-notebook-for-basic-microbial-ecology-analysis-using-qiime/ and the notebook is hosted here: jennomics.github.io/QIIMEbyJennomics/

Teaching bioinformatics using IPython Notebooks

I’ve been teaching undergraduate and graduate bioinformatics for three years at Northern Arizona University. This semester I tried an experiment in my undergraduate course: I decided to ditch slides and instead use IPython Notebooks to present my course materials. This turned out to be hugely successful, and resulted in an early version of an online …