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Summary and talks from QIIME/VAMPS Workshop, October 2013 in Boulder

(Note:  This post will be regularly updated with links to speaker slides and videos of some presentations as that information becomes available)

The two-day microBEnet sponsored QIIME/VAMPS workshop just wrapped up yesterday.  The goal of this conference was to bring the developers of QIIME and VAMPS together with users from the microbiology of the built environment community.   The developers provided a lot of information on the capabilities of their packages, and received a lot of feedback from users.

It was a really good meeting, there were around 50 people there and everyone that I talked to got something out of the meeting.   The format of the meeting was a couple of general talks, followed by 10-minute talks by most of the Sloan-funded groups… focusing on their data processing needs and concerns.  Then Mitch Sogin talked about VAMPS, Rob Knight talked about QIIME, and Sue Huse talked about best practices in informatics of marker gene analysis.   The next day Rob talked about metadata integration and Doug Wendel gave a presentation on uploading data to QIIME and using the metadata template.  Greg Caporaso also gave a two-hour workshop on using QIIME on the Amazon Cloud via IPython Notebook.

I encouraged everyone to upload their slides to Slideshare and I also recorded all of the informatics talks.   I’ll post the videos separately (linked back here), but here’s a list of speakers along with the titles that were in the program (yes, I know many people changed them but my notes aren’t *that* detailed).

Day 1

David Coil “microBEnet”.  Slides.

Kerry Kinney “Improving the Toolbox for Indoor Microbiome Studies: The Environmental/Building Scientist Perspective”.

Norman R. Pace: Municipal water delivery systems
Catherine Spirito: Airborne microbiota in older homes
Jack Gilbert: Microbes and Viruses in new Hospitals and Home surfaces
Noah Fierer: Bacterial and Fungal Diversity in 1000 homes
Maria Gloria Dominguez: Microbes in homes across cultures
Denina Hospodsky: Microbes and fungi in the indoor environment. Slides
Amy Pruden: The building plumbing microbiome
Tara Schwartz: Viral metagenomic analysis in the workplace
Andrew Hoisington: Microbes in retail stores
Rachel Adams: Processes and sources for indoor microbial communities.  Slides
James Meadow: Biology and Built Environment Center
Greg Caporaso: Succession in microbial communities in the indoor environment
Kasia Baranowski: Human-associated microbes and public transportation surfaces
James Scott: Improved testing methods for common building materials

Mitch Sogin. “VAMPS Capabilities”.  Slides.

Rob Knight. “QIIME Capabilities”

Sue Huse. “Informatics of marker gene analysis – best practices”. Slides. Video.

Day 2

Rob Knight.  “Metadata Integration”

Doug Wendel’s workshop on uploading data to QIIME and using the metadata template.

Greg Caporaso’s workshop on using QIIME with IPython on the Amazon Cloud. Slides.





David Coil

David Coil is a Project Scientist in the lab of Jonathan Eisen at UC Davis. David works at the intersection between research, education, and outreach in the areas of the microbiology of the built environment, microbial ecology, and bacterial genomics. Twitter

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