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Keith Redway’s lectures added to microbe.net web resources

Keith Redway lectures
We’ve just added a new link on our resources page — a whole lot of lectures by Keith Redway of the University of Westminister. The list includes the following:

Recombinant DNA Technology & GM (3BIO7M4, 3BIO7X1)
Laboratory Management & Safety (3GAM405)
Medical Microbiology (3MED666)
History of Microbiology
Medically important bacteria
Transfer of antibiotic resistance – Word pdf
How safe are you in the laboratory?
Virulence & Pathogenicity
Sterilization & Disinfection
Drug entry & exit – ppt pdf

Warning — some graphic material, as in almost any microbiology illustrated instructional collection.

I stumbled across his web site looking for something to help me understand DNA amplification and found his lecture here.
We particularly liked the History of Microbiology, a nice complement to James Scott’s version, previously discussed here. Ir was so helpful I decided to see what else he had on the web, and that led me to the whole collection.

If you know of other resources like this, please send them to us or post a comment on this post.

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