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Database of indoor environment-indoor microbiome literature available

You can download the database of over 360 publications that report characteristics of the indoor environment along with the microbes found in the studies. Each publication is entered as a record and includes citation, abstract, keywords, organisms, substrates, and environmental conditions as reported by the authors.

The database in MS Access format is searchable for organisms, substrates, indoor environmental characteristics, and any combination of search terms. Queries will return a table of publications. We have planned to convert it to MySQL and mount it on the microbe.net web site where it will be usable directly without downloading it or using any software other than your browser.

It is currently available for free download Hal Levin’s publications on Research Gate http://www.researchgate.net/publication/260266880_131218_Sloan_Master_Database.
or from Building Ecology

Your suggestions for additions to the database are invited. Please send the citations to us and if available, the paper too. We also welcome your comments on the database.

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.

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