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Rob Knight’s lab moves to UCSD

Although many readers may already know, I’d like to announce that Dr. Rob Knight recently moved his laboratory from the University of Colorado at Boulder to the University of California at San Diego. This has been an exciting move for Rob and those in his group.

The laboratory is now physically located in the brand new Biomedical Research Facility on UCSD’s School of Medicine campus.  Several other high profile investigators are also located at UCSD, such as Larry Smarr, Pavel Pevzner, Trey Ideker, Pieter Dorrestein, and Karsten Zengler, presenting the Knight lab with the opportunity to collaborate on a number of different aspects of microbiome research, from bacterial culturing to metagenomic, metatranscriptomic, and metametabolimic data production and analysis. Notably, the Knight lab has access to the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), which routinely has systems on the Top 500! We’re very excited to keep the microbe.net community updated as we continue to study not only the built environment, but several microbial systems, in this amazing new location!



Embriette Hyde

Embriette Hyde is a postdoctoral associate in Rob Knight's lab at UCSD.

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  1. Im from saudi Arabia working as assistant professor at king abdulaziz university wish to join your lab team doing research on gut microbiome as a postdoc. My insititute will pay first the total visit and fees

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