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Update on An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics

About a year ago, I posted here about my free, interactive text: An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics. The project is now Sloan-funded (as of April 2015), so there will be a lot of changes and expanded content coming down the pipe over the next few months.

One major change that went in recently, and which I think will be of general interest to anyone who uses IPython (Jupyter) Notebooks as part of their bioinformatics workflows, is that the content is now written in markdown and converted to IPython Notebooks at build time. This has a lot of benefits, including that it’s vastly easier for readers to submit changes to content, and for me to review and merge those changes (watch a five-minute video showing how this works). I also think that it will be much easier to write content this way, but time will tell…

I wrote a post about this change for the Mozilla Science Lab blog. You can find that here. Enjoy!

Greg Caporaso

Greg Caporaso

Greg Caporaso is a professor of bioinformatics at Northern Arizona University.

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