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@ASM Conference on The Individual Microbe


Just announced:

@ASM Conference on The Individual Microbe: Single-cell Analysis and Agent-based Modeling

March 18—20, 2016

ASM Headquarters

Washington, DC.

@ASM Conferences are designed to foster interaction and facilitate collaboration between 50 invited participants by having in-depth discussions on a single topic and serving as an incubator for bringing new scientific specialty meetings to the microbiology community.

The topic of this particular @ASM Conference is individual-based microbiology and its goal is to bring together researchers interested in applying individual observational and/or modeling techniques to study microbiology.

For more info and details on how to apply, visit http://conferences.asm.org/index.php/upcoming-conferences/asm-conference-on-the-individual-microbe-single-cell-analysis-and-agent-based-modeling.

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