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Early career workshop on Microbiology of the built environment

Apply for this innovative, multidisciplinary, and highly integrated research-based workshop aimed at enabling and educating globally distributed early career scientists involved in research associated with the microbiology of the built environment. We will provide researchers with the rare and unique opportunity to shape funding opportunities for research focused on the microbiology of the built environment, to consolidate ideas and develop collaborative opportunities for this research field.

This workshop calls for applications from early career researchers across disciplines including chemistry, microbiology, building science, medicine, architecture, engineering, design and computer science.


More details on the application process and important dates can be found on www.gilbertlab.com

For enquires, email Melissa Dsouza (dsouzam@uchicago.edu)

Application deadline : Jan 30 2016

Dates : April 26-29, 2016

Venue: Chicago or New Orleans (TBD)



Due to the concern over the Zika virus, the Alfred P Sloan Foundation in concert with the organizers have decided to cancel the current Early Career Workshop on Microbiology of the Built Environment in Costa Rica. We are sorry to have to report this, but when it comes to health concerns we cannot be too careful.

We are currently re-organizing, and are considering either Chicago as originally planned, or New Orleans. But we will let everyone know soon.

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