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Building Metadata Collection Question Crowdsourcing

MicroBEnet community,

I’m now entering the 5th month of sampling for my MoBE postdoctoral fellowship [see https://microbe.net/2014/10/29/microbiomes-and-the-athletic-arena-indoor-track-facility-microbiome-in-conjunction-with-salivary-and-nostril-microbiomes-of-indooroutdoor-runners/] and want to begin compiling the pertinent physical building-centric metadata (not for the individual samples, that I have as ongoing) for my project. Below is the list that I currently have, but if the community feels that there are other important aspects of the indoor track facilities that should be documented please leave comments.

  1. Building dimensions (ideal if floor plan provided)
  2. Capacity (daily and for different event types)
  3. Estimated occupancy/usage
  4. Build date(s)
  5. HVAC system (and frequency of natural ventilation)
  6. Building materials
  7. Are offices located inside track facility (and number) ?
  8. Are bathrooms located inside track facility (and number) ?
  9. Cleaning schedule and procedures
  10. Climate control targets
  11. Are pets allowed (and what types) ?
  12. Number, date and type of hosted events
  13. Are food and drink allowed (and what types) ?
  14. Specific dates during which facility is closed
  15. When facility is closed (or during events) are climate control targets changed?


Brian Klein

Brian Klein is a postdoctoral fellow at The Forsyth Institute within the Department of Microbiology

6 thoughts on “Building Metadata Collection Question Crowdsourcing

  1. I would suggest temperature range of the facility, daily, seasonally.
    Number of exterior doors.
    Are the doors propped or left open during events ?
    Number of exterior windows that open.
    Roof material (glass vs traditional roof).
    Are animals allowed in the building ?
    Height of the interior space.
    Lynn Schriml

    1. Adrienne,
      Thank you.
      I set the U12-012 monitors on the far wall away from the main entrance in each facility. The ‘reverse LED’ sensor seems to work well, even catching the sunrise and sunset that come through in 2 of the 4 facilities (glass vs. brick walls).

  2. Hi Brian,
    How are you estimating occupancy/usage?
    Also, for your ‘touch’ surfaces, it might be interesting to know the frequency with which they are actually touched. I have a couple ideas for how to do that if interested.

    1. Brent,
      Thank you for the question and yes, I’d be interested to speak about that. I initially looked for OnSet HOBO sensors that could ‘do’ occupancy, but the tech people there were helpful in noting that those are more for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ situations, not true counts. Beam break was next on my list, however, there tend to be 1 main and ~2 secondary entrances at each facility. Additionally, each entrance tends to have several doors (they are set up to deal with many people leaving a facility after a game/meet….imagine people filing out after an NBA game).
      I have a list of major events from each facility, which will help a bit with usage.
      As for touch frequency, that would be interesting to look at and I’m open to ideas for planning additional or future samplings.

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