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#TakeASample for National Citizen Science Day

I always looks forward to spending a chunk of my Friday listening to Science Friday. This segment is too good not to share… Science Club is back! Ariel Zych and Charles Bergquist, the awesome Science Club hosts, are celebrating National Citizen Science Day (April 16) with a new Science Club they are calling #TakeASample.

This is awesome challenge you can take on with your kids, a classroom, a lab, or yourself. They want to hear from scientists too! Ongoing citizen science projects are also featured on their website with a great representation from the microbes (Including American Gut and Drug Discovery From Your Soil).

Have a listen and have fun!


Katherine Dahlhausen

Katie Dahlhausen is a PhD student in Jonathan Eisen’s lab and is interested in the biogeography and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance. Find out more at her Twitter feed .

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