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The CDC’s MicrobeNet now includes MALDI-TOF MS data

microBE.net is an awesome name, so I wasn’t that surprised to find that the CDC has it’s own MicrobeNet that they launched in 2013. MicrobeNet is a free online curated database of emerging bacteria and fungi that aims to improve reference diagnostics and pathogen identification. The database includes genetic sequence data (16S rRNA), biochemical data, morphological characteristics and antibiotic resistance profiles for about 2,400 species, as well as standardized procedures for growing pathogens and for conducting diagnostic assays. They plan to include more than 3,000 species in the database and they are adding whole genomes. Recently the CDC announced that they are expanding the database to allow users to also search for protein profiles resulting from MALDI-TOF MS (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry) instruments.


2 thoughts on “The CDC’s MicrobeNet now includes MALDI-TOF MS data

  1. UC Davis’ microBEnet was to emphasize the microbiology of the Built Environment. The BE were capitalized while all else was lower case. That was unique and important, but minimal interest in the built environment seems to exist among microbial ecologists.

    The CDC site is focused on disease, while the Sloan Foundation’s MoBE program was not.

    1. And just a minor note – the CDC program actually has been around – though very quite – for a bit longer than Holly found in this post. I am not sure exactly when they started but I was certainly glad we could get the microbe.net address when we started this.

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