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QIIME 2 workshop Nov 4-5 (just prior to SSSA meeting) in Phoenix, AZ

Members of the QIIME development group, led by Greg Caporaso and Antonio Gonzalez, will teach a two-day workshop on bioinformatics tools for microbial ecology. The workshop will include lectures covering basic QIIME usage and theory, and hands-on work with QIIME to perform microbiome analysis from raw sequence data through publication-quality statistics and visualizations. The workshop will also cover related bioinformatics tools including QiitaDADA2Emperorscikit-bio and An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics. This workshop will provide the foundation on which students can begin using these tools to advance their own studies of microbial ecology.

This workshop will precede the Soil Science Society of America 2016 meeting, which will also happen in Phoenix, AZ. The Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel is one of the recommended hotels for SSSA 2016, so attending both this workshop and SSSA will be very convenient.

This will be one of our first workshops focused on QIIME 2, so this will be a great way to learn about tools that will put you on the cutting edge of microbiome bioinformatics. We’ll teach how to transition from QIIME 1 to QIIME 2, and you’ll learn how to use QIIME 2 through our graphical user interface, QIIME Studio, as well as through the command line and in Jupyter/IPython Notebooks. We will also briefly cover how to program with QIIME 2, for bioinformatics developers who are interested in making their software accessible through the QIIME platform.

You can get additional information about this workshop and register at:

Greg Caporaso

Greg Caporaso is a professor of bioinformatics at Northern Arizona University.

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