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7th ICME w/ Publishing dos and don’ts for Microbial Ecologists session

I don’t know anything about this course but certainly seems of interest.


Dear Colleagues,
this is a reminder for the upcoming deadline for application to the 7th edition of the International Course in Microbial Ecology (7ICME – http://microbeco.org/7ICME.html).

The event, entitled “Publishing dos and don’ts for Microbial Ecologists”, will take place from 24 to 27 October 2016 at the Microb&co Workshop Centre in Catania (Italy).


As in the tradition of ICME, practical and theoretical sessions will be held by experienced instructors in the field of microbial ecology.
Introductory talks and theoretical sessions will focus on the major key aspects of writing, editing and publishing processes.
Practical sessions will focus on participant’s draft manuscripts aiming at self-improving the writing skills.

Please, find further details (such as the preliminary program, the invited experts’ biosketches and much more) on the webpage http://microbeco.org/7ICME.html

Under the guidance of international experts, max 35 selected applicants will be guided through the following topics:

– Writing and editing techniques
– Developing attractive aims and research novelties
– Citing and managing citation tools
– Publishing and copyright issues
– Research integrity

We sincerely hope you will positively consider our proposed activities and promote the event throughout your personal contact network.
To add your email to the event mailing list, please send a message to info@microbeco.org or directly fill in the form on the event webpage.

Microb&co and the ICME organizing committee

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