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Design that Heals — MASS Design Group

Interesting thoughts on the Built Environment by MASS Design group (https://massdesigngroup.org). Their film, “Design that Heals” just screened at the Architecture and Design Film Festival in NYC.  Watch the trailer below:

MASS Design is interested in the long term effects of architecture on communities and the environment, and focuses on creating built spaces that are thoughtfully engineered and often locally sourced. Co-founders Neil Mahapatra, Michael Murphy, and Alan Ricks believe that architecture can either hurt or heal. Previous projects have included redesigning numerous medical and health care facilities and schools (complete list of projects can be found here: https://massdesigngroup.org/design). Michael Murphy recently gave a TED talk on the overall mission of MASS Design, and it is definitely worth checking out.

Exciting to see others thinking about the impacts of the built environment on health, and looking forward to seeing future projects and collaborations by the MASS Design Group.

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