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Microbiology Meets Protest Art in Zone of Resistance

Michele Banks, Zone of Resistance, Mixed Media, 2017

I’ve been making art for almost two decades now, most of it inspired by developments in science. But it was impossible for me as an artist, an American, and a proud resident of Washington, DC, not to be affected by the political turmoil of the past year. I’ve been protesting my heart out, and eventually I channeled my anger, despair and hope into Zone of Resistance, a mixed-media piece (watercolor, plastic and resin), inspired by the pattern that forms when antibiotics meet pathogens in a petri dish. (i don’t want to over-explain it, but that’s pink power overcoming the harmful bacteria). I hope to show it at an exhibition in DC next month, and a companion piece called Zone of Inhibition, considering threats to free speech, is in the works.

You can find more of my microbe-inspired art here.



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