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Nominate an Expert: Managing Legionella in Water Systems

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Managing Legionella in Water Systems

Nominate Experts for an Upcoming Consensus Project

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will undertake a project on the management of Legionella in water systems. An ad hoc committee will review the state of science with respect to Legionella contamination of water systems and issue a report that will:

  1. describe the microbial ecology of water supplies
  2. identify primary sources and routes of human exposure to Legionella
  3. evaluate effective strategies for controlling and preventing Legionella
  4. review policies, codes, and guidelines that affect control and prevention of legionellosis
  5. identify gaps in research and needs for additional research

Submit nominations here.

Review the full statement of task here.

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The study will be carried out by a committee of volunteer experts. Examples of expertise needed include:

  1. environmental engineering (focusing on drinking water treatment and supply)
  2. environmental monitoring
  3. microbiology and the microbial ecology of water systems
  4. microbial risk assessment
  5. infectious disease and outbreak surveillance
  6. building water system operations
  7. drinking water laws and policy

The National Academies invites you to submit nominations for this project by November 3rd. Self-nominations are accepted. Submit nominations here.

Please contact Dr. Laura Ehlers (LEhlers@nas.edu) for further information about this study.


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