U.S. Army MoBE Collaboration Opportunity


Captain William A. Pratt, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, invites interested MoBE community members to discuss collaborative opportunities for three troop construction projects to be initiated in the next 6 months:

* Bunkhouse construction project: opportunities to discuss building design options, indoor microbial monitoring

* Lighting project for an existing structure: UV light testing, anti-microbial study opportunity

* Guard House construction project: building design options for a secure (blast proof, fire proof, self-contained) building

Please contact Captain William Pratt (mailto:william.a.pratt30.mil@mail.mil , 919-610-3449) to discuss collaborative opportunities.


Lynn Schriml

Lynn Schriml is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health and the Institute for Genome Sciences.

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