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September 2013 

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A brief summary of the recent topics posted on

Each issue we give a brief summary of the topics discussed in our blog over the last month.  Be sure to check it out here.     This was a relatively quiet month for the blog.

We started off the month with a great guest post by Amy Pruden; “Probiotics for Plumbing?

We had another post about Project MERCCURI, a progress report on our undergraduate aquarium project, and two posts about the BRIK database which collates literature related to building science (here and here)

We also talked about a new paper by Bill Nazaroff and we wrapped up with a post about the overuse of Triclosan and how it ends up in aquatic systems.


Resource of the Month
Each month we use this space to highlight a particular resource on microBEnet.  For this issue we would like highlight our new collection of Google Scholar profiles for researchers working on the microbiology of the built environment.  This list is far, far from complete so please send us any suggestions or additions!   And if you don’t have a Google Scholar profile you should really consider it.  It is easy and a great way to make sure people can find your research.



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