Microbiology blog of the day series

Crossposting from my Tree of Life blog with a few minor edits.

I am starting a new “microbiology blog of the day” series here.  This is a culmination of something I started at the ASM Meeting in June.  When I went to the Communications Committee meeting, I suggested that there were lots of interesting microbiology blogs that ASM could do a better job of featuring.  I was asked “how many are there?”  And I said “there are dozens, and probably over 100”.  A certain person on the committee who works on the current ASM blog expressed doubt that there were “more than five that are any good.” I said I could compile a list easily.  And so I did this while at the ASM meeting.  And, well, I have been compiling ever since.  And the list grows and grows.

There are so many good microbiology – themed blogs out there that we created a compilation at microBEnet with the latest posts from each.  And at the suggestion of Nick Loman we pointed people to the OMPL file of the entire list which people can use to add the whole list to ones RSS reader.

We will be updating the full list of posts here but you can also find them here.

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