microBEnet Microbiology blog of the day: BacterioFiles

Going through the list of Microbiology Blogs we have curated at microBEnet and going to try to feature one of them every day or so.  And just going to do this in semi-alphabetic order.

Today’s blog: BacterioFiles (which is a podcast series with a blog with details about each post, but I view podcasts as simply audio-enhanced blogs).

Author: Jesse Noar

Tagline/Summary: The podcast for microbe lovers: reporting on exciting news about bacteria, archaea, and sometimes even eukaryotic microbes and viruses

Recent Posts:

Noar is a graduate student and is currently taking a little break to do his preliminary exam … hope it goes well and he returns to this sometime soon …

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One Response to microBEnet Microbiology blog of the day: BacterioFiles

  1. Jesse says:

    Thanks for the feature! I should be back in the podcast game soon, one way or another. Look forward to it!

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