Announcement of 2013 MoBE Postdoctoral Fellows

The Sloan Foundation has just announced their 2013 Microbiology of the Built Environment Postdoctoral Fellows.   The awards, along with the titles of the projects are below.  Congrats all!

Aaron J. Prussin at Virginia Tech, co-advisors Linsey Marr and Kyle Bibby (Pittsburg)  “Bacterial and viral microbiomes of daycare centers”

Anne. A. Madden at University of Colorado, Boulder , co-advisors Noah Fierer and Rob Dunn (NC State) “Household arthropods as unique sources of microbes in the built environment”

Karen Dannemiller at Yale University, co-advisors Jordan Peccia and Charles Weschler (Rutgers) “Microbial activity in house dust and interactions with phthalate esters”

Stephanie Kunkel at  Illinois Institute of Technology, co-advisors Brent Stephens/Krishna Pagilla and Benjamin Stark, “Indoor aerosol fate, transport, and control: implications for disease transmission”

Sloan Postdocs

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