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Upcoming conference: DOE-JGI User Meeting: Energy, Genomes, Environment, Microbes, Trees and more …

Just got this email I thought would be useful to share (with a few edits)

Still time to register for JGI “Genomics of Energy & Environment” 6th Annual User Meeting

The DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI) hosts the “Genomics of Energy & Environment” 6th Annual User Meeting (March 22-24, 2011):

Explore the agenda of presentations, poster sessions, and valuable hands-on workshops (see below).

The meeting brings together,at the Walnut Creek Marriott, people working on:

Synthetic Biology
Ecogenomics and Ecoresilience of the Gulf Oil Spill
Hardware and Software Trends in Genomics Supercomputing
Computational Approaches to Massive Short Read Metagenomic Data Sets
Genomics of Biofuel Crops
Behavioral Genetics of Pollinating Bees
Microbiome Analyses from Humans to Shipworms
Metatranscriptomics of Marine Microbial Communities
Successful Transposable Elements Secrets
Great Prairie Soil Metagenomics

Confirmed speakers include:

Peer Bork, (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) EMBL

Ed Buckler, Cornell University

Dan Distel, Ocean Genome Legacy

Persis Drell, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory/Stanford

Terry Hazen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Scott Hodges, University of California, Santa Barbara

Tom Juenger, University of Texas at Austin

Rob Knight, University of Colorado

Ruth Ley, Cornell University

Mary Ann Moran, University of Georgia

Magnus Nordborg, Gregor Mendel Institute

Gene Robinson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Christopher Scholin, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)

Stephan Schuster, Penn State University

Pam Silver, Harvard

Jim Tiedje, Michigan State University

Mike Thomashow, Michigan State University

Jerry Tuskan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory/DOE JGI

Katherine Yelick, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at LBNL

Workshops will include:
Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG)/Metagenomes data analysis systems http://img.jgi.doe.gov/

Mycocosm fungal genomics portal provides data access, visualization, and analysis tools for comparative genomics of fungi http://genome.jgi-psf.org/ programs/fungi/index.jsf

Phytozome provides data access and visualization tools for comparative plant genomics http://www.phytozome.net/
RNA Technologies & Analysis: a comprehensive suite for transcriptome
interrogation, including RNA-Seq for expression profiling, etc.

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