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Learn & listen: “Indoor Air” Radio #microBEnet

Working on the microBEnet project has been a big learning experience for me because I really know next to nothing about the “Built Environment.”  Part of my job as PI of the microBEnet is to start to help build interactions between microbiologists and building scientists.  Fortunately, I have a building scientist as a collaborator on the project – Hal Levin from Building Ecology.  But clearly I need to learn a bunch of stuff myself.  And thus I was both pleased and entertained to discover that there is a podcasted radio show about “Indoor Air”.  In fact it comes to us from Indoor Air radio (also see here).  The latest episode includes a discussion of the upcoming Indoor Air meeting in Austin as well as a little bit about microbes.  I am going to add this to my podcast downloads for my bike rides to work and hopefully will learn a bit more about what Indoor Air researchers think about.

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