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Microbiology of the Built Environment Mendeley group curated by #microBEnet

As we’ve posted in the past, Mendeley is a great community resource and one that we’re using to create a reference collection of papers relating to the microbiology of the built environment.

One of the really useful things about a reference manager like Mendeley is the ability to have tags associated with articles such as “Pennicillium” or “Houses”.  However, this only works well if all the articles have tags and they’re all tagged in a consistent manner… a tall order for a community resource.

So we’re trying an experiment.  We’ve gone through the 315 papers currently in our Mendeley group and tagged them all in what we hope is a useful manner.  You can click on any tag such as “airplanes” or “viruses” and get all the articles associated with that tag.  We even have a “microBEnet recommended” tag if you just want to read a few key articles in the field.

Unfortunately, Mendeley lists the tags on the website in order of decreasing frequency only, which can make it hard to find the tag you’re looking for.  One way around this is to use Mendeley desktop, which we highly recommend anyway if you use Mendeley very often.  Here the tags are listed in alphabetical order.

Regardless, we encourage everyone to keep contributing to the reference collection… and please let us know if you find the tags useful (or not).



David Coil

David Coil is a Project Scientist in the lab of Jonathan Eisen at UC Davis. David works at the intersection between research, education, and outreach in the areas of the microbiology of the built environment, microbial ecology, and bacterial genomics. Twitter

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