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“Fountains and health care don’t mix” – seems a bit of an overreaction I think

Well, Legionnaires disease is not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination.  And this latest report is certainly a bit disturbing: Hospitals water wall source of Legionnaires Disease – Health – CBC News.

But to me, the reaction to this is a bit much.  According to the news story there are now two – count ’em – two – reports of Legionnaire’s disease coming from water features at hospitals.  Sure – that is a bad thing.  But counting is not a measure of risk.  How many hospitals have such features?  And how many cases of Legionnaire’s show up when one does not have a water feature?  And do water feature’s help in some way (emotionally, or from a microbial diversity point of view, or something).  I am not saying water features are a good thing – but it drives me absolutely crazy when we attempt to sterilize our lives – literally and figuratively – all in the name of killing bad germs.

Fortunately the story does at least hint at some complexity here – and ends with a quote that seems more reasonable:

“There are, I think, good reasons why people like water features,” she says. “But there are also good reasons why we don’t have them in hospitals.”

I am reserving judgement on this.  Yes I think hospitals should be safe places.  But I want to treat a hospital as a complete system – an ecosystem of sorts.  And I just do not think one vector – the presence of breeding grounds for Legionella bacteria – should have too much weight.
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