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Microbiology of the Built Environment Conference in Boulder reminder (invite only)

(Text below from the conference organizers.  -David)

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the University of Colorado are pleased to announce the inaugural conference on the Microbiology of the Built Environment, taking place May 31 and June 1, 2012.   This is the first event of a conference series that will convene thought leaders across fields of study that characterize and influence the microbiology in our built environment.

The participants are a select consortium of researchers, practitioners and regulators that will present and discuss findings in this rapidly growing field.  The conference will begin with plenary sessions and platform presentations designed to showcase the latest research emerging in this arena. It will also feature special sessions on data management, emerging bioinformatics tools, and public interface.  The conference will also include professionally facilitated breakout groups to engage this multidisciplinary community in advancing the research agenda of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Microbiology of the Built Environment program.

The first of three annual conferences, this inaugural meeting (by invitation only) will be hosted on the University of Colorado’s flagship campus in Boulder.  This is a paperless “green” conference, designed in a family-supportive venue, including subsidized, on-site child-care for the very young, and supervised outdoor activities for school-aged children and teens. Travel and accommodations will be provided.

Conference website

(Note travel arrangements and abstract submissions are due April 2nd)

David Coil

David Coil is a Project Scientist in the lab of Jonathan Eisen at UC Davis. David works at the intersection between research, education, and outreach in the areas of the microbiology of the built environment, microbial ecology, and bacterial genomics. Twitter

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