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Wow – the “Probiotics for buildings” movement keeps spreading

It sounds so nice and catchy.  Priobiotics for buildings.  We have written about it here are few times

Though I have not found any published science behind this movement there is more and more out there on it.  See for example:

And other places.  The most recent I have seen is Better Air Cleans Sick Buildings With Probiotics | Green Prophet. which in addition to discussing the company “Better Air” also links to a Youtube video from the company:


I think all of these stories and blog posts are based in the end on some press releases from this one company but I would be interested to know if there are any other companies out there considered making probiotics for buildings. I would also be VERY interested to know if anyone has bought any of these “systems”.

One thought on “Wow – the “Probiotics for buildings” movement keeps spreading

  1. There is an Italian group working on something similar. They use Bacillus spores as a “probiotic” (not sure if that is an appropriate term), to seed hospital surfaces. The most recent study from that group was mentioned here: https://microbe.net/2016/02/20/new-papers-february-20-2016/

    Impact of a Probiotic-Based Cleaning Intervention on the Microbiota Ecosystem of the Hospital Surfaces: Focus on the Resistome Remodulation – Elisabetta Caselli – PLOS ONE, 2016

    Hard Surface Biocontrol in Hospitals Using Microbial-Based Cleaning Products – Alberta Vandini – PLOS ONE, 2014

    Note that it is probably not a smart idea to use Bacillus spores in an environment with immunocompromised patients. See this critical article:

    Is deliberately seeding hospital rooms with Bacillus spores a good idea? No, I don’t think so either! – Jon Otter – Micro Blog

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