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Time for hotels to start surveying their microbes #Legionnaires #Chicago #Marriott

Well, I wonder if this will get Marriott Corporation more involved in microbial studies in the indoor environment: Legionnaires’ disease outbreak kills 2 at Chicago hotel – CNN.com.  Seems that there has been Legionella lurking around somewhere in the JW Marriott hotel in Chicago.  The outbreak has led the hotel to drain all major standing water spots including the pool, fountains, hot tubs, etc.  Not sure if they know more than they are reporting about where Legionella was found.

There have been a few other stories on this outbreak (see some below) but I have not yet been able to look through all of them for details:

And many more.  There are also a few places that have been posting articles about Legionnaires’ disease which might be useful to look at:

I love the differences in the numbers here.  Maybe we should write a post with “9 things to know about Legionnaires'” …


3 thoughts on “Time for hotels to start surveying their microbes #Legionnaires #Chicago #Marriott

  1. The CDC has a very large amount of useful information on Legionaires Disease targeted at a very wide range of specific audiences. It can be accessed directly at http://www.cdc.gov/legionella/.

    Generally, enlightened building owners have their cooling towers sampled for Legionella periodically. The CDC provides guidance on sample collection and analysis at http://www.cdc.gov/legionella/files/LegionellaProcedures-508.pdf.

    There has been discussion for several decades now among professionals and scientists as to whether sampling should be quarterly or annually. That depends in part on climate and the seasonality of air-conditioning usage.

    Legionella are commonly found in the cooling tower water, but there is a lack of authoritative guidance on what numbers of the bacteria should be considered hazardous and what level of remediation should be applied. An ASHRAE committee asked the CDC for guidance nearly two decades ago, but the CDC representatives declined to comment on draft guidance presented to them for review.

    PathCon Laboratory in Norcross, GA, has analyzed thousands of water samples for the presence of Legionella p. and has a useful information bulletin at http://www.pathcon.com/documents/tech_bulletin_15.pdf.

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