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Call me a skeptic but “beneficial microorganisms” in natural pools/ponds?

Hmm – in this story in the LA Times: Natural swimming ponds – latimes.com there is a discussion of a move towards more “natural” swimming pools using less chlorine.  And there is a part of the article of which I am deeply skeptical

BioNova pools, as well as those designed locally by Environmental Sculpturing, are biologically active. That means unlike chemically treated pools, which are sterile, natural swimming pools contain plants and beneficial microorganisms that outcompete algae and harmful bacteria for nutrients, leaving water safe for swimming. In these natural pools, water is circulated with pumps to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

What is this – an ad for BioNova?  On the BioNova web site there is some other related information

Natural Swimming Pools (a.k.a Natural Swimming Ponds or NSPs) use no chemicals whatsoever, water is purified the same way that Mother Nature does it — with plants, beneficial bacteria and microbes.

I mean, I know this is not an investigative reporting article but to put those claims in the article seems unsound.  Especially since I cannot find anything anywhere about just what kinds of microbes are in these “natural” pools.  Not that I am against ponds or lakes or natural pools for swimming.  But I am against making claims without evidence …

Thanks to Paula Olsiewski for pointing out this article.



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