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#UCDavis Social Media for STEM Discussion

UPDATE February 2019

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#UCDavis Social Media for STEM Discussion

Discussion about Social Media and STEM Research with Holly Bik (@Dr_Bik) from UC Davis, Katie Hinde (@mammals_suck) from Harvard, Jonathan Eisen (@phylogenomics) from UC Davis and Austin Elliott from UC Davis. Sponsored by the UC Davis ADVANCE project.

  1. getting ready to talk about social media & STEM w/ @phylogenomics & @Dr_Bik #woot #woot pic.twitter.com/5m2wR1aZ7a
  2. Today at 12:10 at #UCDavis Social Media & STEM Research wheel.ucdavis.edu/2013/05/upcomi… w/ @Dr_Bik @Mammals_Suck and me and others
  3. OK – going to try to live tweet presentation by @Mammals_Suck as part of wheel.ucdavis.edu/2013/05/upcomi… while I am at panel table in front …
  4. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: one of the reasons she is participating in this workshop is she also does her research at #UCDavis Primate Center
  5. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: few years ago noticed wasn’t much cross talk in Milk Studies subfields, thought a blog was needed, so started one
  6. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: built a community via social media around milk and milk science – started w/ blog, then twitter, then Facebook
  7. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: academia is sometimes a series of kicks in the teets and community built via social media can help you deal w/ it
  8. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: social media is a good way to develop collaborations too
  9. Live tweeting this afternoon from #UCDadvance panel on social media – with @phylogenomics and @Mammals_Suck wheel.ucdavis.edu/2013/05/upcomi… #scicomm
  10. MT“@phylogenomics: @Mammals_Suck: academia can be a series of kicks in the teets & community built via social media can help you deal w/ it”
  11. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: scientists should communicate w/ public; #openaccess publishing not enough b/c papers behind paywall of jargon
  12. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: social media helps to rediscover fun of science (gives example of mammal march madness mammalssuck.blogspot.com/2013/03/mammal…)
  13. Yay now @Mammals_Suck is discussing March mammal madness!! Fun and also a discussion of adaptations and a way to intro people to primary lit
  14. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: whenever writes about stories on her blog she tries to link to #openaccess publications which helps engage public
  15. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: another use of a blog is to “own your story” about research eg Neanderthal breastfeeding nature.com/news/infant-to…
  16. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck: in response to press coverage re: Neanderthal breastfeeding wrote post w/ background mammalssuck.blogspot.com/2013/05/teeth-…
  17. Also, as @Mammals_Suck explains, social media lets you, not just the media, tell the real story of your research.
  18. “Anyone can write a blog… its easy, but really its very hard ” -@Dr_Bik
  19. At #UCDavis @dr_bik discussing blogging & Deep Sea News deepseanews.com and how they have a formal agenda/message there
  20. Now, @Dr_Bik discusses the core values of Deep Sea News Network. First, distill the message so it’s accessible.
  21. On @Dr_Bik blogging retreat for six person blog network: establish core values for their blog posts…
  22. At #UCDavis @Dr_Bik – at Deep Sea News blog one of the purposes is to describe papers in ways the public can understand
  23. At #UCDavis @dr_bik says another purpose behind Deep Sea News blog is to affect and publicize Ocean Policy issues
  24. 1. direct from the bench to the trench, the scientists talk about their science (expert source) -@Dr_Bik
  25. 2. We say things that other’s aren’t/don’t, provide inside perspective to public and journalists -@Dr_Bik
  26. 3. Science w/ personality (using own voice, swearing, pop culture, etc) -@Dr_Bik
  27. . @Dr_Bik points out that they let their personalities come through. Sure makes reading more fun!
  28. Several hats- group blog, personal blog, methods blog (program commands) -@Dr_Bik
  29. Lots of tools, personal choice about which tools you use, recommends using fewer tools well than lots of tools shallowly -@Dr_Bik
  30. Think about demographics of the users of different online social networks tools -@Dr_Bik
  31. For example, pinterest users are 80% women, reach new, underreppresented groups -@Dr_Bik
  32. . @Dr_Bik : Be aware of demographics of different social media tools. Then you can spread your message to different groups.
  33. At conference, twitter helps you to distill information from talk into cogent pieces -@Dr_Bik
  34. “Posting figures from talks and papers has been something I’ve always done” -@phylogenomics sometimes a random walk.
  35. Now, @phylogenomics admits he’s never given social media much thought-it’s a natural progression for him.
  36. “Instrumental for working w/ the press and public when papers come out, can write the full story of science” -@phylogenomics
  37. Instead of using press release, wrote a blogpost, alerted press for when the post would go public -@phylogenomics
  38. . @phylogenomics discusses how he wrote his own press release before a paper debuted, allowing him to give an accurate representation.
  39. even if there’s a press release, important to have your own perspective out there -@phylogenomics
  40. Tell the story behind the paper, the idea behind it, how the research was done, narrative of science -@phylogenomics
  41. . @phylogenomics now invites others to publish the stories of their work in his blog. Awesome idea for teaching public how science works.
  42. Get junior scientists, the public, everyone to understand HOW THE SCIENCE WORKS! hosts stories of others -@phylogenomics
  43. Everyone at the #UCDadvance is doing a great job of tweeting the discussion that I don’t have much to add! @phylogenomics @Mammals_Suck
  44. I agree with @phylogenomics that Twitter is the way to find out what’s happening in your field.
  45. Incredible resource for all aspects of your field; NEW papers, programs, approaches, funding sources, researchers, etc -@phylogenomics
  46. J eisen @phylogenomics says tapping collective knowledge (social media) and saying “we don’t know” connects to people who do
  47. @Dr_Bik @phylogenomics @Mammals_Suck Keep up the tweets! I’m having a blast following you all from France!
  48. Wow, @phylogenomics has been invited to apply for funding via social media, esp when agencies want the work disseminated. That’s encouraging
  49. @phylogenomics @duffy_ma @Mammals_Suck Does a kick in the teet hurt like a kick in the balls? If so I’m not sure even social media can help
  50. @phylogenomics @duffy_ma @Mammals_Suck Does a kick in the teet hurt like a kick in the balls? If so I’m not sure even social media can help
  51. Announce prob: SOS- how to analyze datasets w/ missing data? aggregated methods from many fields, establish best practices -@phylogenomics
  52. Online science allows academics to stay in touch & updated w/o as much travel, less travel away from family -@phylogenomics
  53. Can sometimes say something wrong- offensive or technically wrong- it happens & its uncomfortable, opportunities to retract -@phylogenomics
  54. When you trash papers publically, you may cross over boundaries b/tw critical of the work & being over the top… be careful @phylogenomics
  55. Didn’t delete regretful post, instead added clear retraction and apology -@phylogenomics #trashedauthorthankedhim
  56. Sometimes you’ll say something stupid, but own up to it quickly and things can move on- @phylogenomics
  57. About social media, “if you view it as an obligation, you’re going to suck at it” -@phylogenomics
  58. “you can use them well, can use them poorly; find ways to use them that are enjoyable it doesn’t feel like an obligation” -@phylogenomics
  59. Don’t view social media as obligation but as tool to aid academic work. Use it to take notes and post publicly @phylogenomics
  60. Don’t view social media as obligation but as tool to aid academic work. Use it to take notes and post publicly @phylogenomics
  61. Don’t feel the need to read all the things, treat social media like a stream you dip your feet into @Mammals_Suck
  62. @Mammals_Suck ugh, “guess look”, lets change that to just “look”
  63. Great advice from @Dr_Bik to have goals regarding social media so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  64. Independent blogs travel with you if you change universities/jobs/departments @Mammals_Suck
  65. @Mammals_Suck @phylogenomics @Dr_Bik Seems also important to engage with traditional media. Many people still get their news from local TV.
  66. Consistency is key with blogging/tweeting to build an audience @Dr_Bik
  67. @Mammals_Suck @DistribEcology @phylogenomics teet seemed appropriate coming from someone who studies lactation :)
  68. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck says that blog posts are like making a lot of meals on weekends and freezing them – lots of later uses for them
  69. Storify is a great way to collect tweets and blog @Dr_Bik
  70. Social media is a great way to keep track of the literature in your field @Dr_Bik
  71. Just found out about yourlogicalfallacyis.com from @Mammals_Suck as a way to deal w/ comments from trolls online
  72. At #UCDavis @Mammals_Suck just gave props to @KateClancy for good ways to deal w/ internet trolls
  73. .@Sponch2 @phylogenomics This is what I’ve been doing since I met everyone at ASM2012. Everyone has been very helpful and kind. cc: @Dr_Bik
  74. .@JoeTCJ @phylogenomics @Dr_Bik twitter has made me more knowledgable scientist about things way outside my field and within my field
  75. Love this! MT @phylogenomics: Just found out about yourlogicalfallacyis.com from @Mammals_Suck as a way to deal w/ comments from trolls
  76. Love this MT @phylogenomics: .@Mammals_Suck says blog posts are like making a lot of meals on weekends & freezing them – lots of later uses
  77. @phylogenomics Always found that site amusing because some of its examples suffer logical fallacies elsewhere on the same page. :)
  78. @Sponch2 @mammals_suck yes otherwise you’ll be sucked into the current and forever lost.
  79. @Sponch2 @Dr_Bik @phylogenomics That’s definitely true. Sometimes I close my computer and just enjoy, depends on topic.
  80. @Sponch2 @Dr_Bik I have been more consistent a tweeter than a blogger. Tweeting is like eating potato chips. I confess – can’t stop at one.
  81. @Mammals_Suck @Dr_Bik @phylogenomics I’m glad I could make it. Sadly I had to hurry back to research so I can make my flight this afternoon.
  82. @PictureEcology @Dr_Bik @phylogenomics That was me leaving Harvard graduation to get to the airport to get here! Totes understand!
  83. @Mammals_Suck Annnnnd the sandwiches are gone. It was great talking with you, have a safe flight!
  84. @phylogenomics @Mammals_Suck I want to get that poster because of reason #5: “Potato”
  85. @cheirus EXCELLENT! Always good to chat with you, good luck with your travels and adventure!
  86. Great to meet @phylogenomics & @Dr_Bik in person to have fun talking about science online.

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