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Storify Summary of AAAR 2013


For those wanting to catch up on some of the cool research that was presented this week at the 32nd Annual Conference of the American Association for Aerosol Research in Portland, I’ve pulled together some of the tweets that were posted during the meeting into a Storify! This year only 4 people were tweeting at the meeting, but maybe we can get more involved next year (Thanks to Denina Hospodsky @NininininixBuiltEnvironment IIT @built_enviShelly L Miller @ShellyMBoulder, and Kelsey Boulanger @KelseyBoulanger!  Some really cool things are happening in sensor development, bioaerosol sampling and analysis, urban aerosols, and indoor aerosols.  Check it out.

[View the story “Aerosol Scientists tweet at AAAR 2013” on Storify]

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Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller is an environmental engineering professor at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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