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Quick post – potentially useful new tool – Bio-Community Perl Toolkit

Just found an interesting new paper via automated Google Scholar searches: The Bio-Community Perl toolkit for microbial ecology. By Florent Angly, Christopher Fields, and Gene Tyson in Bioinformatics.

Here is the abstract:

Summary: The development of bioinformatic solutions for microbial ecology in Perl is limited by the lack of modules to represent and manipulate microbial community profiles from amplicon and meta-omics studies. Here we introduce Bio- Community, an open-source, collaborative toolkit that extends BioPerl. Bio-Community interfaces with commonly-used programs using various file formats, including BIOM, and provides operations such as rarefaction and taxonomic summaries. Bio- Community will help bioinformaticians to quickly piece together custom analysis pipelines and develop novel software. Availability: Bio-Community is cross-platform Perl code available from http://search.cpan.org/dist/Bio-Community under the Perl license. A README file describes software installation and how to contribute.

Seems like it has potential for those working on microbial ecology.

New Paper

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