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Only in America…..

UPDATE 1 by Jonathan Eisen on May 18, 2014.  I have flagged this post as being offensive (see comments for more detail).  The author has now lost his permission to post directly without screening and am considering deleting this post (due to the tone of this post and other posts).  I am for now leaving it up as an example of language and tone we do not support here at microBEnet and am soliciting input from the community on what to do with the post.

UPDATE 2 by Jonathan Eisen. May 18 – 9:30 AM. I am including some of the comments from the community about this post here:

UPDATE 3 by Jonathan Eisen. 10:20 AM.  I am deleting the post.  Other than as a lesson in what to not do, I see no benefit in leaving it up.


The original post was here.


6 thoughts on “Only in America…..

  1. I read it differently from how you apparently read it.

    Regarding purpose, I saw it as an opportunity to call attention to some of the most valuable blog posts — Stephens, Adams, and Bhangar. There is so little on indoor air science and building science on microbe.net, I thought it a good opportunity to call attention to some of what is here.

    1. Not sure I should persist on this but here goes.

      How does quoting someone who wrote “Only in America would people be dumb enough to talk about the “diameter” of a non-spherical particle. I bet even in Finland they know that ammonia is a gas and not a particle, and I’m not aware that these others mentioned are carcinogens”

      Is this needed in order to reference those other studies? Is the person who wrote this “dumb”? And by their writing this, how does it say anything about American vs. Finland? Adding this to your post is offensive in my opinion and detracts from any possible positive points you might have been trying to make.

  2. Traditionally, this kind of expressions of bad taste, lack of humour, excess sensitivity etc. are best politely left uncommented. So, could you boys please let this be it and stick to the substance from now on. OR – talk about the Swedes next time ;)
    – Miia

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