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South by Southwest Session on “The Microbiome” #SXSW


Just a quick post here.  A few weeks ago I took part in a session at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas on “The Era of The Microbiome“.  The session ended up being basically a discussion between myself and Carl Zimmer that was moderated by Bernat Ollie.  Bernat did a great job of getting questions from Twitter and the audience and we ended up having a very wide ranging discussion about microbiomes – of people, animals, plants and buildings.

The session was recorded and I am hoping that someone will post the video sometime soon.  But until then – I have made a “Storify” summary of the session based on Tweets from people in the audience.  I was very impressed with the audience at SXSW and the various people I met at the conference.  I definitely want to go back — maybe next year we can organize a session on “Citizen Microbiology” or something like that.  The Storify is below.  I also made a Storify with some other details from my trip to SXSW – if people are interested in that here is a link.

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