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Call for Abstracts: Indoor Air 2016 @IA2016 in Ghent 

Source: Indoor air 2016 

Indoor Air: The flagship meeting of ISIAQ (the International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate) will be held in Ghent, Belgium July 3-8 in 2016.  The meeting has a Call for Abstracts in the broad area of Indoor Air sciences that is now open.  The meeting series is great and I encourage anymore who works on Indoor Air or related topics (e.g., built environment microbiomes) to consider applying.

On their web site they list potential topics (not an exhaustive list but examples):

  • Fundamentals:Indoor air chemistry, Indoor air physics, Indoor air microbiology, sources, transport and aerodynamics, sinks, epidemiology, perceived air quality, thermal comfort, acoustics and lighting, public health and exposure studies

  • Healthy and sustainable buildings:Building ventilation, healthy homes, energy efficient buildings, renovations, refurbishment, environmental impact of buildings, low-energy buildings, impact of outdoor air

  • Abatement and exposure reduction:Source reduction, air purification, filtration and air cleaning, absorbing materials, regulations, standards and policy

  • (Re)Emerging issues in indoor air sciences:Respiratory infections, new chemical substances, nanoparticles in indoor air, transport cabin environments, olfactory assessment

  • Innovative solutions in practice:Field studies, new sampling and technology applications, new materials, prediction and measurement

  • New technologies and applications:Smart houses, smart technologies, wireless sensors, bio-monitoring for indoor applications

  • Developing countries:IEQ and solutions, IEQ in rapidly urbanizing cities

  • Communication, Standards & Codes:Education, sensitization, prevention and communication, community engagement

They even write:

Follow us and spice up the conference with your suggestions on twitter through @IA2016.

I suggest everyone do so …

One thought on “Call for Abstracts: Indoor Air 2016 @IA2016 in Ghent 

  1. There is particular interest in organizing a symposium presenting the results of the Alfreed P. Sloan Foundation’s Microbiology of the Built Environment Program.

    Authors may focus their abstracts/papers on the implications of their work for the creation of healthy indoor environments and on the most important findings identifying needs for further research on the relationship between the built environment and the indoor microbiome.

    Papers summarizing a range of papers on the influences of important environmental factors on the indoor microbiome are sought for a symposium on the subject.

    Critical reviews of building science methods as well as molecular methods and findings relevant to the study of the indoor microbiome will be especially valuable and could be presented as introductions to symposia or workshops.

    Focused papers are encouraged on methods for sample collection; analytical pipelines for molecular methods;, and analysis and interpretation of results.

    Connections between indoor microbial communities and human health endpoints will be of very great interest.

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