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Fascinating look at the design of a science infographic (on life in dust)

Designers Martin Krzywinski and Barbara Jeannie Hunnicutt provide a peek behind the scenes, and explain how they developed a data visualization based on bacterial genome information derived from dust.

Source: The Evolution of a Scientific American Infographic: Secret Life in Household Dust – Scientific American Blog Network

This is an absolutely fascinating look behind the scenes at the production of an infographic for a Scientific American article on “the Secret Life in Household Dust”.  The article was based largely on a paper from Barberán et al on “The ecology of microscopic life in house dust“.

This blog post by the designers (Martin Krzywinski and Barbara Jeannie Hunnicutt) who made the infographic takes us through the thought and work in the history of the development of the final infographic.  It is definitely worth a read for anyone interested in scientific communication or in the intersection of science and art and design.

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