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Outreach position for FungiDB/EuPathDB

Posting this which I got from Jason Stajich
I am passing along this request from the EuPathDB/FungiDB team. There are opportunities for UK and US placement of a person. Please feel free to forward to suitable candidates. There is hope that a person with fungal biology experience who wants to focus on outreach and community support could be found for this bringing more fungal expertise to the team.


Dear Colleague –

I am writing to enlist your help in identifying suitable candidates for a full-time outreach staff position with the Eukaryotic Pathogen Genomics Resource (EuPathDB.org). EuPathDB has long provided support for protozoan parasite researchers, but the recent integration of FungiDB brings many new communities on board. The EuPathDB outreach team is therefore looking to grow, with particular interest in fungal biology expertise.

The ideal candidate would be a recent molecular genetics / genomics post-doc with expertise in one or more experimental systems, and excellent communications skills. EuPathDB databases provide users with the ability to integrate and explore diverse data types: not just genome sequences, but also polymorphisms, transcriptomics & proteomics data, chromatin marks, metabolic pathways, comparative genomics datasets etc … and the outreach team is responsible for ensuring that bench scientists around the world can make effective use of these data, through workshops, meeting presentations, webinars, on-line tutorials, publications, etc. Responsibilities also include keeping up with the relevant research literature, and working closely with supported communities to define targeted areas for curatorial effort, and high priority datasets for inclusion in the database.

This job is an exciting opportunity for the right person, with good pay and long-term career prospects. The successful candidate could be based in Philadelphia PA, Athens GA or Liverpool UK, and will work closely with a dynamic and collaborative team of ~30, including curators & annotators, data loaders, systems & database administrators, software developers, web site designers, data analysis specialists, and other outreach staff members.

Applications may be submitted to http://tinyurl.com/EuPathDBoutreach-Penn or http://tinyurl.com/EuPathDBoutreach-UGA (the Liverpool application has not yet been posted, but will be soon).  Questions may also be directed to EuPathDB Director of Scientific Outreach Omar Harb, at oharb@upenn.edu.

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