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OSTP call to action on saving soil

I really realize this is not perfectly “microBEnet” related but I think this is quite important and there are many “microbiome” components to this. Thus I think this is worth posting here.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is issuing a national Call to Action and forming an interagency group to protect America’s soil.

OSTP is calling for comments, ideas and feedback relating to multiple areas including

  • Monitoring Soil and Obtaining High-Quality Data
  • Informing Targeted Decision-Making and Engaging the Public
  • Applying Scalable Solutions on the Ground

Although many may consider soil to be a natural entity, it is heavily impacted by humans and the human built environment and also serves as an important source for microbes in the built environment. Thus I believe those thinking about microbiology of the built environment could potentially be important voices in the discussion about the future of soil.

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