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Wanted – examples of excellent #microbiology reporting

A few years ago I wrote a post where I tried to compile a list of names of reporters who did a good job on stories on microbiology related topics.

Source: The Tree of Life: Compiling a list of reporters who cover #microbiology stories well; suggestions wanted

Well, I would like to revisit that. So here goes.

I am compiling a list of examples of excellent microbiology reporting. This would include reporting in any format or system or site (e.g., long reads, short reads, Tweets, etc) and any type of microbiology topic.

What I would love to get from people are answers to the following:

  • Who do you think is doing excellent microbiology reporting? Self nominations welcome.
  • Can you give examples of some excellent of their work that you like?
  • Are there any sites / sources that you think are particularly good at covering microbiology related topics?

Thanks.  I will compile the answers and report back.

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