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Journal of Bacteriology minireview collection on host-microbe interactions

Just got this announcement via email and thought it might be of interest.

New eBook Special Collection of JB Minreviews

Dear Colleague,

The microbial world is a competitive place, and bacteria have evolved diverse strategies to sense their environment and survive in it. These strategies involve acquiring necessary nutrients, particularly when inside a mammalian host, and the ability to maximize survival within the host. Here, we have compiled minireviews from the last few years that survey the latest discoveries from the broad and diverse field of bacterial pathogenesis and host interactions. The topics range from chemotaxis, iron acquisition, and group motility to interactions and signaling within human and insect microbiomes. As with our other minireview compilations on bacterial gene expression and cell biology, this collection contains a wealth of information and illustrations that should be useful for teaching and background research.
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