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Biology of Vector-borne Diseases Course at @uidaho June 24-29, 2018

This looks really good. Posting at the request of one of my ex-UC Davis colleagues – the amazing/brilliant Shirley Luckhart – who has recently moved to Idaho and is helping run the course.

The Center for Health in the Human Ecosystem at the University of Idaho is hosting its inaugural annual “Biology of Vector-borne Diseases” six-day course. This course provides accessible, condensed training and “knowledge networking” for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, new faculty and current professionals to ensure competency in basic biology, cutting edge technology and tools, expertise and resources for U.S. and global vector-borne diseases of plants, animals and humans. We seek to train the next generation of scientists and help working professionals to more effectively address current and emerging threats with new tools and a strong network of collaborators and mentors.

The course is both lecture- and lab-based, delivered by internationally recognized experts, with integrated case studies of emerging vector-borne pathogens to highlight parallels and key distinctions in biology and technology across plant, animal and human vector-borne diseases. This course sets an example of new vision, through leadership of the Center for Health in the Human Ecosystem, to create an enduring community of participants and instructors to expand the impact and sustainability of these approaches.

The course is scheduled for Sunday through Friday, June 24-29, 2018. Applications will be reviewed starting Dec. 1, 2017. Space is limited. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance for the course in early spring 2018.

Registration for the course ($1,000) includes all course materials, housing, food and social activities. Registration will be due following acceptance for the course.

For more information and to apply online please visit: http://www.uidaho.edu/vector-borne-diseases

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