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#COVID19 modes of transmission and fomites (Twitter comments)

I have been trying to collect information about the new coronavirus and transmission via fomites (objects or materials such as door handles, clothing, phones, etc).  Yesterday I posted to Twitter asking for input and got a large collection of useful responses.

See these two tweets and the responses to them.  I highlight some key responses that include references after these tweets

Tweets with key references:






3 thoughts on “#COVID19 modes of transmission and fomites (Twitter comments)

  1. Internal medicine physician and rheumatologist Here

    My personal belief is that COVID is primarily spread by large droplet aersolization of respiratory or flushed feces Live virus particles in a high enough number delivered to angiotensin receptors in back on nose. Not formite touch some dead virus particle To tip of your nose

    Where is the monkey or bat or other studies where contaminated fomites sneezed on One minute vs one hour ago vs one day ago Tossed into animal cages to see if they actually get COVID infections by touch only. Not breathing it in??

    1. I still have yet to find any strong evidence for fomites transmission for Sars-CoV-2.. However it is difficult to document such transmission in the real world. Although animal experiments could be informative it would likely be difficult to have them be set up in such a way as to mimi human fomite transmission. The alternative is really taking large data sets from epidemiological studies and modeling transmission and seeing if fomites transmission is needed to explain any of the patterns. This was done for Sars in at least one study which concluded that fomites transmission was (under their assumptions) low but significant. See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5519164/

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