Interesting #bioart; “Bacteria from 300-year-old Ovid poetry volume inspires ‘bio-artist'”

Came across this pretty interesting story today, an article in the Guardian entitled “Bacteria from 300-year-old Ovid poetry volume inspires ‘bio-artist’”.  Basically the artist found an old book, and then cultured microbes from it, using her own blood to make blood agar plates.  Voila, cool microbe art with history mixed in.        

New papers on Microbiology of the Built Environment, October 15, 2016

Microbes indoors Review: Microorganisms in Confined Habitats: Microbial Monitoring and Control of Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms, Cleanrooms and the International Space Station – Maximilian Mora – Frontiers in Microbiology (OA) Indoor environments, where people spend most of their time, are characterized by a specific microbial community, the indoor microbiome. Most indoor environments are connected to …