“The Febrile Muse” focusing on “Portrayal of Infectious Diseases in Literature & the Arts” (microBEnet microbiology blog of the day)

The Febrile Muse is today’s microBEnet microbiology blog of the day.  The blog focuses on the “Portrayal of Infectious Diseases in Literature and the Arts” according to the tagline. The author, who is not named, describes herself as “passionate about science literacy and wishes to inspire people to read and write and learn.”  More about the author is available here: The Febrile Muse, About the Author.

The postings are relatively sparse – about one a month over a few years.  But many of the postings are quite detailed and are definitely worth a look for those interested in the interface between infectious disease and literature.  This interface is of direct relevance to the theme of the microBEnet site here since we are trying to bridge the gap between multiple fields including linking various humanities areas and microbiology.

Recent posts at The Febrile Muse include  Wherefore Science Writing? An Interview of Richard Wintle and Monocyte Fashion and Short Story Science: Stone Link and Petroplague: Oil-eating Microbes.

Some of the posts do have a direct connection to the built environment although that is not common per se.  Two of the “popular posts” that may be of interest here include: Outbreak: Biosafety Levels and Hemorrhagic Fever and Of Lice and Men.  Anyway – I like that this blog is trying to cover an interface between two areas – microbiology and literature.



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2 Responses to “The Febrile Muse” focusing on “Portrayal of Infectious Diseases in Literature & the Arts” (microBEnet microbiology blog of the day)

  1. Thank you very much for visiting The Febrile Muse. I appreciate you and your writing…and look forward to your selections. I am humbled to be included.

    All the best, CM Doran

  2. You are quite welcome — it was fun going through some of your posts …

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